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Education and personal enrichment are the keys to gaining stability in your life.

Let us help you with these “keys”.

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Every cent donated to Mercy Rest Stop contributes to the building, maintenance and implementation of needed resources for our local citizens.

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Important Updates

The intent of this project has always been to make valuable services available to everyone in the community. The following facts are the result of input from the community:

The facility will not and was never intended to be a homeless shelter.

  • The location was changed in 2021 to the industrial zone near the railroad tracks at 314 West Benton Street. A thorough search has not found a better location. This location is centrally positioned to the people in need.

  • It is not a place where people will be allowed to sleep overnight inside the building except in (2) two types of situations:

1. In extreme weather conditions, such as, too cold to be outside. When conditions improve, they will leave the facility. During such time there will be onsite supervision.

2. When a family is in crisis, such as when their house burns down, they will be housed long enough to give them time to make other arrangements.

  • Access to water and restrooms will not be available during overnight hours.

  • A shady area with seating shown on early drawings will not be provided.

  • The entire property will be well-lit at night.

  • Security cameras will be in operation both inside and outside 24/7.

  • No illegal activities will be allowed in or around the property.

  • Overnight camping will not be allowed on the property.

  • Use of the parking lot for overnight stays will not be allowed.

  • Patrons will receive free services such as job training, job placement, mental health counseling, medical referrals, spiritual counseling, laundry facility, showers etc.

  • The intent is to provide a hand-up to those in need, NOT to give handouts.

Thank you.

Bill Turner, Pres., Mercy Rest Stop Coalition Board of Directors