Moving forward in 2022

The Pettis County community is home to a significant number of our neighbors in need of help to obtain the necessities of life, i.e. food, clothing and shelter. Additional services are critical to assist them in establishing a stable lifestyle. Presently Sedalia has good “safety net” services which provide food and clothing.

The next tier of service needed is that which allows people to function at a basic level so they can move on to a stable lifestyle.

  • Sanitary restroom facilities
  • Water source
  • Showers for personal hygiene
  • A laundry facility
  • Access to information resources and communication options
  • A cooling and warming station for safe escape from severe weather
  • A place for the needy to meet agency case workers to obtain assistance
  • A place for those in crisis situations to recover for a short time while finding a path forward.


The Mission of Mercy Rest Stop Coalition is to facilitate connecting those in need with the agencies who can assess their situation and find them the help they need.


The vision is to see the mission fulfilled by constructing a building (and maintain it) that provides a venue to accomplish it.